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FDA says:
“…documentation of employee training is necessary to track which employees have been trained in which operations. Therefore, final Sec. 111.14(b)(2) requires you to keep documentation of training, including the date of the training, the type of training, and the person(s) trained.” – Federal Register, page 34811

This web page provides guidance for using my Standard Operating Procedures Certification Program.

Here you will find the Webinars, SOP format, eBook and bonus trainings that will enable your company to meet the new FDA standards.


Once we have created a User Name and Password for your Company, you will have access to the following:

1. The SOP formats – these 30+ page formats are ready for fine-tuning for your Company or Practice. Just complete the yellow-highlighted sections.

2. The SOP Webinars and the all-important Record Keeping Webinar (which shows you exactly what records the Manufacturer must keep and what records the Label-Owner must keep).

You’ll also have access to the bonus webinars.

3. The eBooks for the Webinars (they have all the information from all the slides in the webinars).

4. The eBook for the Record Keeping Webinar, with the Record Master List.

5. The Certification Test.


The final goal of the Compliance Program — meeting FDA training requirements and receiving your Certification.

Here are the pages that exist on this Private Webinar Site:

– DS and Medical Foods in Physicians’ Practice
– Lawful Copy Writing
– P.E.L Forum Access
– SOP1: Introduction
– SOP2: Section 1
– SOP3: Section 2
– SOP4: Conclusion
– SOP5: Record Keeping
– Terms of Use
– Therapy is Not Treatment
– Vitamin Lawyer SOP Certification Test
– Webinar Website Guide
– Welcome

Here are the Webinars to be included in this Private Webinar Site:

1. SOP Training: 4 Webinars: audio, video and ebook done [posted]
2. Lawful Copy Writing: audio, video and ebook done [to be posted]
3. Doctors SOP Training: powerpoint and ebook done
4. Records Webinar: audio, video and ebook done [posted]
5. Medical Foods: audio, video and ebook done [to be posted]
6. Therapy Not Treatment: audio, video and ebook done [to be posted]
7. Minister CAM: powerpoint
8. CAM Cautions: powerpoint