SOPs for Health Care Practitioners

This P.E.L Webinar Training Program has been designed for physicians and other health care providers who have their own label dietary supplement and medical food products.

The program includes:

1. The SOP for Health Care Professionals Certification Training Webinar
2. The eBook that includes all of the information on the Webinar slides
3. The Standard Operating Procedures document format
4. The Master List of Required Records
5. The Bonus Webinars
6. Access to the P.E.L. Online Forum

Many physicians and other Health Care advisers want to provide Nutritional Therapies to address health concerns. FDA says, if your name is on the label, you are the responsible party. You must be in a “state of control” over your subcontractors. Your papers must be in order. This webinar tells you how to do so lawfully.

Intro Video:

The eBook is here:

The SOP format document is here:

The List of Required Records for cGMPs is here:

The Bonus Webinars that are part of this training are

Medical Foods in Physicians’ Practice:

Lawful Copy Writing: [LINK]